Melissa chan

Melissa Chan works with tri-sector partners (business, government and nonprofit) in the area of health and social care to lead service design, innovation, and growth projects. Melissa is currently an Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health with the Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI), Trinity College Dublin. She is also Lead Consultant for CARA by Dementia Singapore, a lifestyle and community digital membership platform, and Founder of Project We Forgot, a platform for carers that provides support resources across the dementia care journey.

Melissa was previously with ECON Healthcare Group and Homage, an on-demand technology care solution where she led growth, service design and partnerships with corporates, government agencies, healthcare institutions, and social service organisations in Singapore and Malaysia. Melissa is President of the World Young Leaders in Dementia (WYLD) Network, driving dementia innovation across disciplines and borders. Melissa will assist as Growth Consultant for the Neureka project while at the Gillan Lab.

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