Nathalie Claus

Nathalie graduated from LMU Munich with a bachelor’s degree in Communications as well as a Bsc in Psychology. Her bachelor’s projects focused on depression in children and adolescents, taking into account both how adolescents express their depression and self-harm online and how depression may be prevented, particularly in the offspring of depressed parents. She then completed her Msc in Clinical Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience (LMU Munich), working on a research project that employs psychological networks to better understand the link between anxiety symptoms, cognitive biases and attentional control.

At Trinity, she is a visiting Research Assistant working on numerous projects, such as the development of a tool to help make personalised predictions about the effectiveness of anti-depressants, or the identification of early markers of depression and Alzheimer’s disease via gamified cognitive tests.


Claus, N., Marzano, L., Löchner, J., Starman, K., Voggt, A., Loy, F., Wermuth, I., Hämmerle, S., Engelmann, L., Bley, M., Schulte-Körne, G., & Platt, B. (2019). Qualitative Evaluation of a Preventive Intervention for the Offspring of Parents with a History of Depression. BMC Psychiatry (accepted for publication).