Caoimhe Dempsey

CDempseyCaoimhe is in her final year of Psychology in Trinity College Dublin.  She is interested in understanding the basis of neurological, developmental and psychiatric mental health problems, and how this can research can aid the applied domains of clinical psychology. She has previous research assistant experience from Trinity College Dublin and the RCSI, in various domains including health psychology, neuroscience and developmental psychology.

dempsec3 [at] tcd [dot] ie


Aoibheann Maxwell


Aoibheann is in her final year of psychology at Trinity College Dublin. She’s interested in the field of clinical research and investigating mental health issues through neuroscience.

email: maxwelao [at] tcd [dot] ie


Maeve Jennings


Maeve is in her final year of Psychology in Trinity College Dublin. She is predominantly interested in clinical neuropsychology and clinical research. She has previously worked as a research assistant in Trinity College Institute of Neuroscience as well in the Child and Infant Lab in Trinity College.

email: jenninma [at] tcd [dot] ie