Screenshot 2022-11-03 at 11.57.51 Neureka features at in the ‘Human Lab’ by Science Foundation of Ireland at Electric Picnic Festival (September, 2022).


rte Claire Gillan and The Neureka Project feature in the RTE One docuseries ‘Change Makers‘ in association with the Irish Universities Association.

You can watch the full episode here: #IUAChangeMakers Neureka, Trinity College Dublin (January, 2022)

static1.squarespaceCeline Fox discusses the neureka project and all things burnout on the #InTheseStrangeTimes podcast, a series by the Science Gallery Dublin that features cutting-edge scientists and artists hosted by RTE 2FM DJ Tara Stewart. You can listen here (May 2021)


silicon-republicThe Neureka project features on silicon republic! (November, 2020)


scistarter-logoNeureka and the Gillan Lab partner with scistarter – a major citizen science initiative in the USA (November, 2020)


RTÉ_logo.svgRTE news feature the neureka project as it launched to the public (June, 2020)


researchmattersA profile on Dr Gillan appeared on Trinity’s Research Matters (November, 2019)



Our latest paper in JAMA psychiatry in the news (October, 2019)



Claire joined AWARE on Today FM to discuss our research aimed at improving treatment allocation for depression (October, 2019)


methode_sundaytimes_prod_web_bin_e8689bac-586e-11e9-8813-c167a1bb1937Coverage of our Twitter study in the Sunday Times (April 2019)


sciencelineWill machines take over mental health? (February, 2019)


spectatorShout out to the Gillan Lab in the Spectator – precision medicine with MQ (March, 2018)


guardian-logoOur precision medicine study features in the Guardian  (December, 2017)

MQClaire on mental health with MQ (May, 2017)


Chatting about habits on BBC world service (May, 2017)


MQMQ celebrate International Women’s Day, featuring Dr Claire Gillan and Dr Jennifer Wild (March, 2017)


eLife_whitebackgroundTaking mental health research to a new dimension (April, 2016)


scientificamericanCan Big Data Help Psychiatry ? (March, 2016)

aeon (1)Watch Claire speak about ‘trans-diagnostic psychiatry’ (March, 2016)


scientificamericanUnsupervised habits reign in OCD (May, 2015)


pacific-standard-logoClaire is listed as one of the top 30 thinkers under 30 (April, 2014)


new-scientist-logo‘How Habits Shape Beliefs’ (July, 2014)[download pdf]




Documentaries featuring our work

IMG_7538Change Makers, RTE One (January, 2022)

Growing Children, BBC4 (August, 2012)
Inside My Mind, BBC3 (August, 2013)



screenshot-2022-11-03-at-11.43.06Catch Claire Gillan on the PDST Computer Science Week podcast “How Digital Data Changed the World” (October, 2022)


Celine Fox joins RTE 2FM DJ Tara Stewart to discuss the neureka project and burnout on the #inthesestrangetimes podcast (May 2021)



Podcast with Claire and author Rose Bretecher on her experience living with OCD (October, 2017)



Claire features on the 2Scientists podcast (January, 2015)



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