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Study 1: Using Twitter to Catch Depression Early


Depression affects 10% of the planet at this very moment, and as such it presents an enormous global challenge. For many sufferers, the course of depression is chronic – relapsing and remitting in cycles throughout the lifespan. Instead of treating these individuals after the fact, we are trying to find a way to detect that an episode is coming, so people can seek help earlier.

We think we can do this using Twitter data, a platform where users have archived their moods, anxieties and feelings over several years. We think we can use mathematical models to decode and analyse aspects of language to help identify depression earlier than ever before.

Have you been depressed in the past year and use Twitter regularly?… you can help us in our mission to use science to improve mental health around the world.

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Study 2: Using Machine Learning to Find the Right Treatment for Every Patient


With the help of volunteers from across the world, we aim to find out why people respond in different ways to antidepressants, and use that information to develop a tool that will allow doctors to match the right treatment with the right person – helping people get better, faster. If you are a GP who wants to get involved in this study as a research partner, click here.

This study is open to people that are about to start taking an antidepressantĀ OR people who are about to switch to a new one. If that’s you, we’d love your help! For more information about the study and to sign up, click here.

Email Kevin Lynch ( with any questions you might have regarding this research.