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*** Internet-based ***


        Precision in Psychiatry Study


With the help of volunteers from across the world, we aim to find out why people respond in different ways to antidepressants, and use that information to develop a tool that will allow doctors to match the right treatment with the right person – helping people get better, faster.

This study is open to people that are about to start taking an antidepressant OR people who are about to switch to a new one. If that’s you, we’d love your help!

For more information about the study and to sign up, click here.

You can also email Dr. Siobhán Harty ( with any questions you might have regarding this research.



*** In-Person ***

(Dublin, Ireland)

Redefining Mental Health


Mental health is not ‘all or nothing’; we know that people don’t fit neatly into boxes like ‘depressed’ or ‘bipolar’. This project is one of many at Gillan Lab that aims to improve how we define and treat mental health.  Rather than seeking to simplify a person’s experience, we aim to leverage the richness of each person’s experience and brain mechanics to better understand the complex world of mental health.

This study is open to people with no mental health problems whatsoever, or people who’ve struggled with these issues in the past or present. In short, we want to study almost everybody we can!

For more information about the study and to sign up, click here  or you can email Ms. Tricia Seow on