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Gillan Lab takes #SOPB2023! (April, 2023)

Claire delivers plenary talk ‘Using the Internet for Longitudinal, Predictive and Treatment-Oriented Research’ at Society of Biological Society Annual Meeting (April, 2023)

Claire features on (April, 2023)

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Claire and Prof Marcus Collier sit down with ADAPT Radio to discuss AI, mental health, & the environment (March, 2023)

Listen to the full podcast here:

As a part of Creative Brain Week 2023, Sara Rahmani (Laidlaw Scholar, Gillan Lab), has collaborated with photographer Maria Sjöö for the exhibition ‘Stained Glasses’. The exhibition leads you through Maria’s lived experience of perinatal depression and the science that underpins this complex issue (March, 2023)

Anna Rosická spoke about music and brain health as part of the Creative Arts in Dementia Care panel at Temple Bar Trad Fest 2022! (January, 2023)

Claire received the Science Foundation of Ireland Early Career Researcher of the Year Award for 2022.

Read more: Science Foundation of Ireland Awards 2022

The Society for NeuroEconomics awarded Claire Gillan the Early Career Award for 2022.

Read more: NeuroEconomics Awards

Sean Kelley successfully defended his PhD thesis ‘Advancing mental health research with data science: Understanding depression vulnerability through language and network analysis’. Congrats from all in the lab, Dr Kelley! (December, 2022)

Catch Claire on the PDST Computer Science Week podcast “How Digital Data Changed the World” (October, 2022)

Neureka features at in the ‘Human Lab’ by Science Foundation of Ireland at Electric Picnic Festival (September, 2022)

Big congrats to lab members Anna Rosická (President’s Poster Prize) and Sean Kelley (Annual Poster Prize) who were recognised for their posters at the 2022 British Association of Psychopharmacology Summer Meeting.

Claire and The Neureka Project feature in the RTE One docuseries ‘Change Makers‘ in association with the Irish Universities Association.

You can watch the full episode here: #IUAChangeMakers Neureka, Trinity College Dublin (January, 2022)

A huge congrats to our very own Tricia Seow on being awarded the Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship!

Tricia’s successful application was titled: ‘Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) in Silico: Neurocognitive mechanisms of OCD treatment failure’ (December, 2021)

Congratulations to Celine Fox who took home the 1st Place Poster Prize at the 2021 Neuroscience Ireland Conference! (November, 2021)

Celine Fox discusses the neureka project and all things burnout on the #InTheseStrangeTimes podcast, a series by the Science Gallery Dublin that features cutting-edge scientists and artists hosted by RTE 2FM DJ Tara Stewart. You can listen here (May, 2021)

Celine Fox was awarded a prize for her poster on metacognitive changes following mental health treatment at the MQ Science Summit 2021! (May, 2021)

The Neureka project features on silicon republic! (November, 2020)

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Neureka and the Gillan Lab partner with SciStarter – a major citizen science initiative in the USA (November, 2020)

RTE News feature The Neureka Project as it is launched to the public (June, 2020)

Read more: RTE: Become a Citizen Scientist with Neureka

Claire Gillan is featured in Trinity’s Research Matters (November, 2019)

Silicone Republic features our paper published JAMA psychiatry (October, 2019)

Read more: Mental Illness Diagnosis Needs Major Revision

Claire joined AWARE on Today FM to discuss our research aimed at improving treatment allocation for depression (October, 2019)

Our Twitter study is featured in the Sunday Times, UK (April, 2019)

Read more: How people use Twitter may give clues to depression, according to TCD research

Claire features on Science Line article ‘Will machines take over mental health care?’ (February, 2019)

Read more: Will Machines Take Over Mental Health Care?

The Gillan Lab mentioned in the Spectator – precision medicine with MQ (March, 2018)

Read more: Spectator UK, My Drug Trails

Our precision medicine study features in the Guardian  (December, 2017)

Read more: The Guardian, Online test aims to predict best antidepressant

Podcast with Claire and author Rose Bretecher on her experience living with OCD (October, 2017)

Listen to the full podcast here: A New Way of Thinking About OCD

Claire’s featured across MQ’s channels discussing precision medicine for mental health disorders (May, 2017)

Watch the video here: Can we predict how anti-depressants will work for different people?

Claire discusses habits on BBC World Service (May, 2017)

MQ celebrate International Women’s Day, featuring Dr Claire Gillan and Dr Jennifer Wild (March, 2017)

Claire and colleague’s eLife paper features in an article on (April, 2016)

Read more: Taking mental health research to a new dimension

Paper: Characterizing a psychiatric symptom dimension related to deficits in goal-directed control

eLife paper features in Scientific American (March, 2016)

Read more: Can Big Data Help Psychiatry Unravel the Complexity of Mental Illness?

Watch Claire’s interview on trans-diagnostic psychiatry for Aeon Magazine (March, 2016)

Full Interview: Claire Gillan: The Biology of Mental Illness

Claire’s research on OCD features in Scientific American (May, 2015)

Read more: Unsupervised Habits Reign in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Claire features on the 2Scientists podcast (January, 2015)

Listen here: Breaking the Habit with Claire Gillan

Claire is listed as one of the ‘Top 30 Thinkers Under 30’ by Pacific Standard Magazine (April, 2014)

Read more: The 30 Top Thinkers Under 30: The Sir Henry Wellcome Fellow Who Wants To Better Understand Psychiatric Disorders

Claire writes option piece ‘How Habits Shape Beliefs’ for New Scientist magazine (July, 2014)

Read more: New Scientist Article

‘Inside My Mind’ BBC 3 documentary: Claire Gillan talks about OCD (August, 2013)

Read more: BBC3 ‘Inside My Mind’ press release

‘Growing Children’ BBC4 documentary features Claire Gillan (August, 2012)

Watch here: BBC4 Growing Children

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