Prospective Postdocs

Forthcoming Openings:

(1) Postdoctoral fellow (up to 3 years of funding) focused on network analysis, repeated within subject assessment, computational psychiatry, confidence, model-based planning.

(2) Postdoctoral fellow (up to 4 years of funding) focused on investigating the fundamentals of habit formation (using in-lab behavioural testing, EEG and smartphones) and their role in compulsivity.

For both positions, we envision start dates in Q3 2021, but this is subject to change and we can be flexible. In both cases, the ideal candidate will have a firm interest in computational psychiatry, a good background in cognitive science and mental health, along with practical experience analysing large and complex datasets. In the latter post, experience with EEG is highly desirable.

These are not job listings per se, but if you are interested in either of these opportunities  – get in touch with Claire now to find out more and start a conversation. 


In addition to funded positions, prospective postdocs are encouraged to apply for fellowship funding:

Applicants interested in applying for Wellcome Trust or Marie Curie fellowships should get in touch at any time.

The Irish Research Council offer 2 year fellowships for postdocs annually. Applications are due in November of each year for a start the following year. Details about the program can be found here:


The Global Brain Health Institute offers fellowships for a less traditional 12-month program that aims to train future leaders in brain health, ageing and dementia. It involves clinical rotations, training in economics, health policy, neurology, psychology, statistics and much more. See here for further information:

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