Prospective Postdocs

The Gillan lab is always looking for talented postdocs to join our ranks. Even if there is no funded position advertised – I suggest you drop us a line to see if there is something in the pipeline.


Current Opening: Although a long way off, thanks to recent funding from Science Foundation Ireland’s Frontiers for the Future Programme, the Gillan Lab will hire a postdoctoral fellow in 2021 for a 3-year position to work on data collected via our smartphone app neureka. We are currently weighing options for optimal start date for this post, so there is some flexibility. This is not a job listing per se, but if you are interested in this opportunity and perhaps aiming to finish your PhD next year – get in touch now to find out more.


In addition to funded positions, prospective postdocs are encouraged to apply for fellowship funding:

Applicants interested in applying for Wellcome Trust or Marie Curie fellowships should get in touch at any time.

The Irish Research Council offer 2 year fellowships for postdocs annually. Applications are due in November of each year for a start the following year. Details about the program can be found here:


The Global Brain Health Institute offers fellowships for a less traditional 12-month program that aims to train future leaders in brain health, ageing and dementia. It involves clinical rotations, training in economics, health policy, neurology, psychology, statistics and much more. See here for further information: