Tricia Seow


Tricia graduated from University College London with a Msci in Neuroscience. She then worked as a research assistant for Dr. Stephen Fleming in the Metacognition Group at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging. Here, she investigated the influence of social context on visual consciousness and utilised a large-scale web-based methodology to understand how features of metacognition relate to individual differences in psychiatric dimensions. She published the latter in a (joint) first-author publication in Biological Psychiatry in 2018.

At Trinity College Dublin, Tricia is a 3rd year PhD candidate employing a data-driven and dimensional approach to understand the neurobiology of trans-diagnostic psychiatric traits using EEG, behavioural testing and computational modelling. Tricia is fully supported by the prestigious Ussher Postgraduate Award from Trinity College Dublin, awarded to the best graduate students across all disciplines.

seowx [at] tcd [dot] ie


Seow XFT & Gillan CM. Transdiagnostic phenotyping reveals a range of metacognitive deficits specific to compulsivity. bioRxiv [url] [data and code]

*Rouault M, *Seow XFT , Gillan CM, Fleming SM (2018). Psychiatric symptom dimensions are associated with dissociable shifts in metacognition but not task performance. Biological Psychiatry [pdf]

joint first author*

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