Tricia Seow


Tricia graduated from University College London with a Msci in Neuroscience. She then worked as a research assistant for Dr. Stephen Fleming in the Metacognition Group at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging. Here, she investigated the influence of social context on visual consciousness and utilised a large-scale web-based methodology to understand how features of metacognition relate to individual differences in psychiatric dimensions.

At Trinity College Dublin, Tricia is a PhD candidate employing a data-driven and dimensional approach to understand the neurobiology of trans-diagnostic psychiatric traits using EEG and computational modelling. Tricia is supported by a prestigious Ussher Postgraduate Award from Trinity College Dublin.

seowx [at] tcd [dot] ie


*Rouault M, *Seow T, Gillan CM, Fleming SM (in press). Psychiatric symptom dimensions are associated with dissociable shifts in metacognition but not task performance. Biological Psychiatry

joint first author*